Q: Whats a Body Scrub?

A: Body Scrubs are a mixture of different oils and sugar. The sugar works as a exfoliate taking away dead, rough skin, then the oils sooth, moisturize and heal for a true spa like experiences. 
Your skin will feel refreshed after using our scrubs.

Tip: Take about a quarter size amount, get desired area wet with warm water, scrub away for about 20 seconds then rinse with warm water and enjoy your new skin.


Q: How big are our soap bars?

A: Our bars average 4.8 ounces in size. We hand pour and hand cut each bar, with love. The handmade process causes a slight vary in size.

Tip: Handmade soaps can make a great deodorizer for a room or a closet. 


Q: How big are our scrub jars?

A: Each body scrub is packaged in an 8 ounce mason jar. The jars are wide top jars for ease of extracting your scrub down to the last bits. Then, you can come visit us here and try out new scents!

Tip: Once you finish your jar of body scrub you can reuse your mason jar in various different ways. *Just be sure to wash and rinse the jar before using for anything edible! 


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